3 Facts About DoC’s albums That You Probably Didn’t Know

With the large compilation albums of Descendants of Cain, the concepts of the four original albums were written in thought and structural ways to express their music. The entire concept is made up of musical, lyrical, and pictorial representations of philosophy and observational living.

To help you understand the in-depth understanding of the philosophy behind the four original albums, we’ve constructed these facts about DoC’s albums that you probably didn’t know.

Each album consists of unique metaphors and elements

If you haven’t already noticed, each album is made precise to complement each realm of the metaphorical maps and elements of philosophy. For the album Atziluth, the translation stands for nobility in origins and the Tree of Life. The philosophical element for the album is fire. While in Brish, the translation stands for creation, the Enochian Watchtowers, and water.

Each Titled Album Depict the Creative Process of the mind

The steps of creating these albums depict the process that starts from the ideas in the mind to make these ideas a true reality. The Atziluth realm represents the idea coming into being, while the Briah representations the potential light for the idea. The Yetzirah is the creation of the idea as the Assiah is how the idea is brought into the physical world.

Each dimension is the thoughts of objection realities that each human is faced with every day. They are also the explanatory realms of the Tree of Life, Enochian Watchtowers, the tree of forces and the tarot, and the Shatherian Tablets. Additionally, each album represents the Four Philosophical Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Each Album Represents A Specific Stage of Development

Each of the first four albums contains ten songs that each represent a stage of progression. They are the living representatives of the Tree of Life, which is an essential map for the human mind. The concept is to inspire listeners to discover their part in the world that is not fully understood.

What is your favorite song from all of the Descendants of Cain’s albums? Comment below and share your top favorites with us!

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