Welcome to the official website of the Descendants of Cain. We are a London-based classical Goth band that consists of 4 members, DM Kruger, James Gambold, Steve Gerrard, and Dan Phillips.

In 1998, Descendants of Cain was established by producer and songwriter D M Kruger. Since the beginning, the band has continued to release 7 albums and played live all over the UK until 2009. The band has since been dedicated to maintaining their passion and honesty in writing lyrics that discuss controversial issues of politics, religion, human behavior and the environment.

With a broad range of sounds, the music in itself is unique with sounds that include goth, hard rock, classical, industrial metal, goth rock, trip hop, and dark wave. After the previous release of the seventh entitled album “DoC Presents: Hell Bar Blues in 2013, the band has recently released their 9th studio album “Conversations with Mirrors.”

For two years, the band played monthly live performances at the Club Tenebrae in London, where they built their fan base and experimented with their live shows. With Hosanna, the sound engineer on board, the brand began developing more sophisticated sounds and played for countless gigs that include playing with Inkubus Sukkubus, Faces of Sarah, This Burning Effigy, The Cruxshadows, and more.

Descendants of Cain is currently signed to the Echozone music label.