Descendants of Cain’s Ultimate Band Timeline

Think you know everything about the goth band, Descendants of Cain? Starting from the humble beginnings to their current success, we’ve discovered how they started and came to be.

Here is Descendants of Cain’s ultimate band timeline.


In 1998, South African composer, Darryl Kruger, also known as D M moved from his native country with his instruments and a case of lyrics to head to London and make his mark in the music industry.

Upon meeting Lain Smith and Philippa Moore, the group soon realized that potential of DoC and made its debut performance at the Camden Underworld. With nearly a year of long, hard work, the band supported Inkubus Sukkubus and launched their first album, AtzILUTH.

DoC was then offered a monthly residency to perform at Club Tenebrae in London for a span of two years. In return, the band quickly developed solid experience as a group and built their fan base.


As the year of development and adoption, the goth band started producing sophisticated song recordings with new techniques and gigs. DoC started playing along with the Cruxshadows, Star Industry, Faces of Sarah, Passion Play, This Burning Effigy, and other bands. The band then released promotional CDs which earned great reviews and the attention of listeners across the world.


DoC released their second album “Briah: of Man and Magician” and performed all over the UK with bands including NFD and The Dammed.


DM decided to quit live performances and started working on solo projects. He soon took responsibility for the entire production and performance of all twelve songs on “Yetzirah: the Balance of Disharmonies.


DoC reached a pivotal moment as the band was signed to the German record label, Echozone and reached success after the release of two entitled albums Assiah and Yetzirah.

So far, the band has taken a slow, yet productive time to develop more albums and lyrical content. With more band members to join, the band has only improved to release better, and strong performances.

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