What You Should Know About DoC’s New Album “Conversations With Mirrors”

Have you checked out Descendants of Cain’s new 2017 album, Conversations with Mirrors? After four years of silence since their last album, Hell Bar Blues, the British band is stronger than ever with mastermind producer and songwriter DM Kruger.

Since Descendants of Cain first began in 1998, they have since produced 8 full-length albums. Starting out as a gothic rock band, they have since changed their influence that clearly showed on the latest album, Conversations with Mirrors. The new album explores new angles of dark rock that is nearly impossible to describe.

11 Songs Full of Emotion

Conversations With Mirrors consists of lyrical magic full of character and emotion. Not only does it include the deep raspy voice of DM Kruger that will haunt your skin. The instrumentals will give you shivers down your spine as the gothic rock elements still reside within the music.

While the goth sounds are strong within the album, there is still versatility in genres as you will hear sounds of alternative rock, neo-classical, trip hop, electronic, prog rock, ambient, old school, blues and new wave variations that add unique sounds to this music.

New Sounds of Melodies

The album offers soul-wrenching sounds and melodies that are almost monumental. The band knows how to build up tension within the opening as it deepens the entire song. In “These Hands” the songs will deepen with electronic sounds while the haunted “Lost in the Woods” revealed the soothing sounds of the piano and orchestrations.

While goth rock is the main source of the sound, there is also a perfect blend of semi-ballad and orchestrations found in “Shallow” and “Defiance.” One of the most impressive tunes we’ve listened to is the upbeat “Let Go” song that completes the entire album with a vibrant sound that stands out from the rest.

Not A Single Dull Sound

Descendants of Cain beautifully manages to keep their high standards throughout the album as there is not a single dull moment. It is the amazing dark sounds that make the album soothing and brings listeners to shivers in the end. Listeners will be left in awe and a bittersweet aftertaste once they listen to the crisp outro of “Lost to the Noise” to complete the musical journey of the album.

What is your favorite song from the new album? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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